Trivex Lens Tech

What is Trivex?
Trivex is a material developed in the 1990s originally for military use. Because of its clarity, durability, ultra-lightweight properties, and resistance to chemicals, Trivex is used in production for helicopter and fighter jet canopies  As a result of the success in military aircraft platforms, this high-quality material was brought to the eyewear industry in the early 2000s.
There are many materials on the market for sunglasses lenses, but we use Trivex because it provides clarity like glass and is lighter, stronger and more impact resistant than polycarbonate.
Three major reasons why Trivex is the superior lens material:
Trivex is thicker than polycarbonate but is about 10% lighter. You may not think much of your glasses needing to be light, but when you're out on the trails or casting to tarpon in the flats all day, your sunglasses' weight is about the last thing you want to notice. 

Trivex is more durable and resistant to scratching than polycarbonate lenses, passing Z87.1 high-impact resistance testing. We know that durability matters. so we made certain our stylish sunglasses are tough as nails!

                   BETTER CLARITY               

Where Trivex most notably stands out to the end-user is its optical clarity. Already inspiring confidence in weight and impact resistance, Trivex provides, according to the ABBE number rating system, approximately 33% more clarity than polycarbonate and improves contrast through all lighting conditions. Only glass lenses have a higher clarity value but there are several reasons to skip glass lenses in favor of Trivex.


🕶  built with anti-reflective coatings on front
and back reducing glare
🕶  anti-fog layer on the inside
🕶  100% UVA-B coverage
🕶  anti-smudge and tougher on scratches
🕶  💪🏼  enough material to be used on fighter jet canopies
and helicopter windshields
🕶  ANSI certified with a Z87.1 rating
🕶  tested and resistant to harsh temperatures and chemicals
🕶  super lightweight which is key for reducing eye fatigue allowing all day wear + comfort
🕶  provide crystal clear vision 
🕶  tough as nails 🛠
Where other eyewear companies may use this tech on the higher end of their line; we use Trivex on all of frames. That's our standard material.