Protection Throughout

This innovative material overflows with adaptive technology, performance and protection. Special coatings, layered Trivex lenses set Breakline apart from other brands.

Comfort Coating AR - Anti-Reflective coating avoids the reflections of sunlight on the back and front side of the lens increasing your visual acuity.

Resistance: a new generation of oleophobic and anti-smudge coatings harden the lens and improve its intrinsic qualities, without altering its color.

- A super smooth, resistant and extremely durable coating put on the front and the back side of the lens. It is used in addition to the anti-reflective treatment. Perfectly suited for all activities demanding precision.

Durability: Anti-smudge is a treatment which protects both sides of the lens. It helps to prevent scratches equally on the front and back lens. Neither smudges, fingerprints, dust, nor water adhere to the surface. They simply go away with a gentle wipe.

Hard Coating

Improves the scratch resistance and scores a 6 on the Bayer Scratch test, average is 3.


Multi-Layer Mirror

A more complex mirror system which multicolors increase protection from glare and reduce daily eye fatigue, normally associated with a lens of less quality material. Refines tones with reflections creating a rich and finished appearance.

Let's see that in chart form shall we?

Ultimate Glare Control

With Breakline lenses, the polarized film is protected between two layers of Trivex providing the ultimate glare control in any outdoor condition.

The perfect mix between high-tech and style

Crisp, Clear Vision

There's never a time when seeing clearly isn't important. Trivex lenses provide precision optics and incredible clarity, the same as glass and much lighter.

Anti-Smudge & Water Repellent

Anti-smudge is a treatment which protects both sides of lenses. It prevents scratches equally on the front and back of the lens. Neither smudges, finger prints, dust nor water adhere to the surface -- they simply go away.


High Impact

The high impact lens with ballistic resistance is extremely durable and pass Z87.1 testing. Perfectly suitable for demanding jobs and any outdoor activity.

How are our lenses so clear? Well, we’ll tell ya.

Our trivex lenses are cast molded, while other brands use plastic poly lenses which are injection molded.

The cast molding process takes time and care. Summary: Trivex “liquid lens” is poured into molds and set in heated ovens then gently cooled to perfection. Polycarbonate Injection molding is quick and can yield inconsistency. Solid polycarbonate pellets are heated and the resulting liquid is injected into

molds and quickly cooled.

The slower cast molding process results in sharper optics

than injection molding.
There’s no tradeoffs in terms of quality, strength, safety,

comfort or appearance - period. Like the old adage says, good things come to those who wait!


DuraLite Frame Construction

Breakline features DuraLite high impact frames engineered to withstand all extremes of natural & man made abuse. All Breakline products are made with Grilamid TR-90, a stress tested polymer known for retaining structural integrity and its powerful resistance to severe temperatures. Our DuraLite frame technology is best in class for durability, function, longevity, style & comfort. Breakline is 100% manufactured in the mountain valleys of Northern Italy, a region renowned for century old tradition in the precision craftsmanship of high quality eyewear.


The lightweight nature of trivex and TR-90 significantly increases comfort.

UV Resistant

The color and finish on DuraLite frames will not become distorted or faded due to UV exposure.


DuraLite durability is derived from its rugged flexibility. Our highly flexible frames make them less likely to break under stress or impact than a more rigid frame.


DuraLite is extremely flexible, which makes it adaptable to different head sizes and increases comfort.

Temperature Resistant

Under hot or cold temperatures, our 

DuraLite TR-90 frames will not lose their shape or become distorted.