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The best tricks for caring for your sunglasses, tips for choosing the right polarized sunglasses for your next outdoor adventure, style advice, and more.

  • NXT® Lens Technology

    What is NXT® ? NXT® is a Trivex material developed in the 1990s for use in military helicopter and fighter jet canopies because of its clarity, durability, ultra-lightweight properties and chemical resistance....

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  • How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

      The first step is to get rid of those scratched-up polycarbonate sunglasses you paid over $200 for and invest in a pair of durable, impact resistant NXT powered shades...

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  • NXT vs Polycarbonate lenses

      We often get asked what the major differences are between polycarbonate and NXT and why we choose to use NXT lenses in our sunglasses. Here's why: Visual Clarity NXT lenses can...

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  • Skip Glass in Favor of NXT

      You may have heard or read somewhere along the way that glass lenses are better. Well, we disagree, which is why all of our sunglasses use high-tech NXT lens...

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  • Choosing the Right Lens Color for Fishing

    Lens Colors: Let’s Take a Deeper Look Lens Colors in Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing: a Deeper Look If you're trying to choose the right lens color for fishing, we've put...

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  • What are Polarized Lenses and What are Their Benefits

      What are polarized lenses and why should you care? Comparison of Polarized (left) and non-polarized lenses. Notice the reduction in glare. Let's Start Here: What is Light? We're going...

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