Your Breakline sunglasses are backed by our industry-leading extremely durable goods and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. 
Your dura-clear polarized Trivex lenses are equipped with fog-inhibiting technology, that hinders fogging on the inside of your sunglasses in humid or cold conditions. The inward facing side of the lenses will feel a bit "grabby" when you first receive them. This will smooth over in time when wiping down
with a microfiber towel.  

1. Try to refrain from leaving your sunglasses on the dash of your vehicle. Temperatures inside a car can reach nearly 150 degrees on a moderately hot day. This can cause frames to expand and lenses to delaminate, peel away or even bubble in extreme cases.
2. "On your face or in a case" is our unofficial motto for sunglasses care. Keeping your sunglasses secure in a case, or around your neck, is great insurance against accidental drops or other mishaps. Also, avoid putting your sunglasses in your pocket as they may inadvertently get scratched
by other items such as keys. 
3. Two hands are better than one; by removing your shades with both hands, whenever possible, you maintain the integrity of the frame and keep your hinges in top shape for years to come. Also, folding the arms of your sunglasses with a bit of care will ensure the hinges stay true in alignment when fully extended.
4. We recommend cleaning your sunglasses with fresh water and a microfiber towel.  Give your lenses a quick glance before rinsing to determine if any affixed debris or particles require special attention. Never use a lens cleaning solution, only a mild soap and warm water if absolutely necessary.  We always recommend using a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe them down. Paper products such as napkins or even cotton T-shirts could deteriorate lens clarity.
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