Skip Glass in Favor of Trivex

Trivex v Glass 

You may have heard or read somewhere along the way that glass lenses are better. Well, we disagree, which is why all of our sunglasses use high-tech Trivex lens technology. What are some of the top reasons to avoid glass in favor of different technology?

Glass Breaks

Glass lenses may be the pinnacle for optical clarity but are highly breakable, which, when you consider how close to your face sunglasses sit, can be worrisome.

Glass Lenses are More Expensive

Glass lenses can be a considerably more expensive lens material, and our goal is to provide a superior pair of sunglasses that won't completely break the bank. Yes, you can pay $250+ for sunglasses, but we don't think you should have to. Trivex provides the highest optical clarity and impact resistance in the eyewear industry today and we're proud to offer high-quality performance sunglasses that use Trivex Technology.