Gift Guide for the Winter Enthusiast

Posted on November 19, 2018

Gift Guide for the Winter Enthusiast

We know how hard it can be shopping for others, especially when it comes to outdoor enthusiasts who might be extra concerned with the quality of their gear. So we made a guide of awesome products we’ve been loving recently, and that any winter enthusiast would be stoked to unwrap this holiday season.

Columbia  womens Kaleidaslope - great gift idea for winter enthusiast

Women’s Kaleidaslope II Jacket from Columbia

This jacket is the perfect gift for any winter enthusiast. The Omni-Shield™outer layer provides a shield from moisture and stains while the thermal reflective layer on the inside helps to retain body heat. The Kaleidaslope II Jacket makes for a great shoulder season coat and the perfect layer for those dead of winter temperature drops. Fit with thumb holes and comfort cuffs to make slipping in and out of gloves easy, this jacket will keep your loved one cozy and ready for cold weather fun. ($140)


mystery ranch d-route backpack - great gift for winter enthusiast


D-Route Pack from Mystery Ranch

The D-Route Pack was built for running laps inbounds or even day-trip skinning adventures. The compact design has trimmed all the extra weight you don’t need for quick ridge hikes and day trips, but still has plenty of room for your avy kit and a packed lunch or a few beers. This is a great pack to fit all the necessities and still fit on the chairlift. The diagonal carry loop is big enough to fit those powder skis and still allows for a stable carry so you won’t be off balance on those steep boot packs. This backpack is the perfect holiday gift for any skier. ($119)


outdoor research mens transcendent hooded down jacket - great gift for winter enthusiast


Men’s Transcendent Down Hoody from Outdoor Research

From climbers to skiers, boarders and mountaineers, the Transcendent Down Hoody is a winter favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Fit with a full and adjustable hood and elastic cuffs this puffy is ready to protect you from the elements. The all-natural and responsibly sourced goose down and wide quilting is designed to last without clumping or compacting over time. Whether its a day on the slopes, an overnight in the mountains or taking the dog for a walk the Transcendent Down Hoody will retain body heat no matter the duration of your adventure.  Available in 8 different color combos this is a great gift you can easily customize to the style preferences of your loved one without sacrificing quality. ($225)

Smartwool phD Ski Elite best ski socks - great gift for winter enthusiast

PhD Ski Pro Backcountry Socks from Smartwool x and Smartwool have joined forces to create the ultimate ski sock. With a perfectly cupped heel, you can fly down the slopes knowing your socks won’t be shifting around in your boots. The padding is designed not only for downhill comfort while skiing the resort but to keep your feet and shins protected even while touring the backcountry. With no extra bells and whistles, these socks allow for a tight fit in your boot but still provide the warmth needed for long days on the mountain. ($27.97)

Breakline Optics Cahabas

Yes the days are shorter, and yes most daylight hours are probably spent in ski goggles, but with snow comes additional UV rays. Did you know that snow can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays upwards… right into your eyes? Ouch. So even though the sun may be a little less strong in the winter, it’s probably time to invest in some eye protection. (Click here to read more about winter eye protection.) Which is where the Breakline Cahabas come in. These sunglasses offer full coverage and are polarized so you can still see despite that dramatic and ever-changing winter lighting. If you plan on doubling these sunglasses for fishing in the spring, go with the green-mirrored lenses, but if you’re just looking for a good year round pair that excels in winter, go with the smoke lenses. Mirrored and black lenses are known to best protect the eyes against harsh winter rays. So make sure to grab a pair before the sun gets any lower. ($170)


eastern mountain sports zero degree sleeping bag - great gift for winter enthusiast


Solstice 0° Sleeping Bag from Eastern Mountain Sports

This is the winter sleeping bag you’ve been looking for. Finally, a quality 0° sleeping bag that will keep you warm without breaking the bank. It’s mummy shape retains body heat while four layers of insulation keeps the cold out. The Solstice uses Omni-heat polyester insulation that won’t clump or shift overtime so you can have the bag for winters to come, not to mention the extra soft polyester taffeta interior lining. This sleeping bag is a great gift for anyone enthusiastic about being outside when most others are opting for the indoors. ($129)

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